Helping you become a better, smarter, more confident rider

At TRAKDAYZ we are committed to making you a better, smarter and more confident rider. So no matter where you ride, road or the racetrack, you will become better prepared to handle your machine and any situation that may arise.

We are committed to increasing the safety and awareness of motorcycle riders in Western Australia, With 5 Groups available let the crew at TRAKDAYZ help you become one with your machine.

Using internationally recognised training principles, as well as highly qualified and experienced instructors, our aim is for you to increase your confidence and better prepare you for the unexpected whether riding on the track or on the roads all whilst having fun.

"TRAKDAYZ... the most fun you can have with your clothes on"
Hi Trackdayz, avid track day rider/racer here, can't fault Trackdayz and there crew, they are all riders/racers themselves so share the same passion, you feel that passion rather then just a business running a day. Coaching hard to beat current top level racers showing you arround the track. Saying that the entry level guys also get classroom tuition plus on track training.
I'm happy and rarely miss a day.
Trakdayz is the bomb, for learning to be one with your motorcycle in a safe environment, they also have super coaches. WAWMR and it's predecessor (Perth Street Bikes Kitchen) have been organising Ladies Only Day sessions with Trakdayz, since 2007, 13 years (yes we missed 3 years 🙁 ) in total and look forward to many more years!! The best thing you can do with your clothes on and the best thing you can do for your riding.
WA Women Motorcycle Riders (WAWMR) Inc.
TRAKDAYZ is the Bomb
Best value track day operator in the state, excellent staff, full coaching, heaps of track time and well organized.
Daniel Sherwood
I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Few years ago I decided to attend a Trakdayz event when I was still on my LAMs licence. From the start to the end, the organisation of the event, the friendly and helpful staff, the fluidity of the schedules were flawless. Any nerves i had at the start , disappeared before even the start of the first session. The experience and learnings gained from just that one session, granted me immense confidence in my own ability and the capability of your bike. This was directly reflected onto road riding.
Shahrez sikander
No matter which bike I have or my level of skill, I ride out after each Trakdayz session, a better and safer rider.
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